Monday, 30 November 2015

Touch Rugby With Trevor

For the past three Thursdays our touch rugby couch, Trevor had been teaching us the basic skills and rules of touch including a few games we played to warm up. 

Trevor taught us how to plant the ball which is when you put the ball between your legs, step over it then to the side, step back and one of your teammates is free to pick it up and run. There was also this one practice when you ran up with your dummy half, you pick it up run a little while getting touched, plant it, then your dummy half picks it up moves forward and passes it back to you. For our warm ups we played a lot of games including my favorite game where we were in a circle and heaps of balls were going around, then you would eventually drop the ball until there was only a little bit of people left.  

In the end we had some touch games with girls against girls and boys against boys. In these games we used all the skills Trevor had taught us even though he still had to remind us on what we had to do. Then soon later we had to say goodbye and go back to class. 

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